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  • IPEX 2016 Introduction
    Jun 21, 2016IPEX 2016 Introduction

    The 6th edition of Iran International Pump, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition-IPEX, is one of top trade show in Middle East, which gained strong support of Iran oil department. It has been 5 years since it was held. More than 1000 exhibitors from Iran, India, China, Pakistan and Russia countries who are focused on Pumps, Valves , Pipes & Compressors exhibited the IPEX.It will more than 200 manufacturers participate in 6th IPEX 2016, over 8000 visitors will visit the show.

  • GLOBAL PETROLEUM Show Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Jun 22, 2016GLOBAL PETROLEUM Show Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    June 7 - 9, 2016

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