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what are the cases where hardened trim used,and what are the cases where soft seat used?
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Hardened trim normally applied for a condition that the standard base material cannot handle for certain period of time. Some but not limited to:

- Brackish condition

- Amine condition
- Hot temperature
- High differential pressure
- Friction between Seat and Closure member
- prone to cavitation, water hammer, etc.
- prone to vibration

- Etc.

In general shall common (base) material prone to chipping, wear, corrosion, and other material miss-behave due to service/medium and operational condition.

The Soft trim preferred if all of above condition ALARP or mitigated. Plus if temperature lower than 150 - 200 deg Celcius (conservative industrial soft component temperature tress hold) and Chemically compatible with the product.

Kindly note that soft trim is relatively cheaper than metal and or hardened trim. But this also have effect of renewing the soft parts earlier than its metallic brother.

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